PMK International Acoustics & ELV System

Mission Statement

  • We are a professional engineering practice specializing in acoustics, audiovisual and information communication technologies, operating profitably, and growing to ensure long-term career opportunities for our employees.
  • We provide a wide array of services that improve the quality of the built environments that people use for work, for homes, for education or to be entertained.
  • We have technically competent and creative staff who create designs that are innovative, yet practical and cost-effective for the function and application.
  • We are motivated by projects that are technically difficult, which challenge us to think creatively, and that continually allow us to increase our knowledge in terms of our technical expertise and accomplishments.
  • We emphasize design collaboration and peer reviews within our group in order to benefit from our combined experience and to maintain our own standards of quality.
  • We are loyal to our team members, respect each other, and value each person’s contribution to the firm.
  • We have many loyal clients due to our exceptional service in providing quality project delivery.